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Dear colleagues,

The Industrial Chemistry Division within the French Chemical Society is organizing a one-day symposium in Paris on March 6th, 2020 to gather scientists in organic and bioorganic chemistry from pharmaceutical, agrochemical and perfume companies.

While this is common practice in England, Germany and Switzerland for example, such an event has never been organized in France yet. Chemists involved in the synthesis field need to work alongside their colleagues in order to develop their skills and find innovative solutions that could benefit chemical companies.

This type of event also aims at strengthening the links between the industrial and academic worlds and offers to participants, and especially students, the opportunity for networking. Chemistry is a key science in these professions and is helped by the development of new technologies. The purpose of this symposium is to unravel certain aspects of these multidisciplinary professions. Graduates students and postdocs are encouraged to participate through poster sessions and will be given the opportunity to build a solid network and to learn about the careers that industries propose.


We are looking forward to meeting you at this 1rst FICS,


The Industrial Chemistry Division within the French Chemical Society



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